What is a LTAC Hospital?

LTAC stands for Long-term Acute Care. AMG Specialty Hospital specializes in long-term care and recovery times that many traditional acute care hospitals are not outfitted for. The Short Term Acute Care Hospital manages the acute conditions of the patient for a relatively short period of time, generally 3-5 days. Our hospital accommodates patients that often have very few alternative options and require complex medical care for an extended period of time.

We treat each of our patients according to individualized plans with detailed case management. Our physicians are on-site daily to review progress and consult staff specialists.

Is AMG Specialty Hospital a Nursing Home or Rehabilitation Hospital?

AMG Specialty Hospital is not a nursing home, rehabilitation hospital, or skilled nursing facility. AMG Specialty Hospital provides a higher level of care than nursing homes, rehabs, and skilled nursing facilities. Patients are seen once a day by the attending physician. A physician is available 24 hours a day, and RN nursing care and respiratory services are always available. Rehab services of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are available to patients six days a week.

How long will I have to stay at AMG Specialty Hospital?

Each patient is unique and is treated individually. Depending on the patient’s diagnosis, their comorbidities, and how they respond to treatment are all factors that influence how long a patient’s stay will be. An attending physician and case manager is assigned to every patient on admit to the facility and they will keep the patient informed as to their progress and when discharge is approaching. The average stay is 20 to 35 days depending on the individual’s diagnoses, needs and progress.

How do I get admitted to an AMG Specialty Hospital?

Upon notification from the referring physician, the Clinical Nurse Liaison will meet with the patient and family to evaluate the patient’s diagnosis. If the patient’s diagnosis meets admitting criteria, the Clinical Nurse Liaison will then follow the proper channels for admission.

If you are at home, in a nursing home, or any other setting all that is needed is a physician order. A physician order gives the Clinical Liaison permission to evaluate your condition and situation.

Will my insurance cover treatment at an AMG Specialty Hospital?

We accept most forms of insurance. During the admission process we verify your insurance. Any financial or insurance questions can be answered during the admissions process.

Will the patient have the same physician at AMG Specialty Hospital?

All physicians are recommended to follow their patients to our AMG Specialty Hospital. Our physicians and nursing staff are available 24 hours a day. Our physicians are board certified in various medical fields.

What is AMG Specialty Hospital’s visitation policy?

We recognize that the road to recovery is often aided by family interaction. Visitation hours our posted at our hospital and will be discussed during the admission process.

Does AMG Specialty Hospital have private rooms?

Every effort is made to accommodate room requests. Private rooms are available based on medical conditions.