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AMG Specialty Hospital – Las Vegas
4015 McLeod Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Phone: 702-433-2200
Fax: 702-862-4435

Concerns or complaints may be expressed to the hospital Chief Executive Officer or Chief Clinical Officer either verbally at (702) 433.2200 or in writing at 4015 McLeod Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89121. You may also contact the AMG Corporate Compliance Hotline number, Toll-Free at (844) 523.2091

You have the right to express a grievance externally by contacting the Department of Health and Human Services, the Division of Public and Behavioral Health at 4220 S. Maryland Pkwy, Ste. 810, Bldg D, Las Vegas, NV  89119 or call (702) 486-6515.

If you have any concerns or a complaint that has not been resolved through this Hospital’s Quality Office, please feel free to contact CIHQ by the following options:

Phone: 1-866-324-5080
Fax: 1-805-934-8588

Mail: Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality
PO Box 3620
McKinney, TX 75070
ATTN: Executive Director


In-Person by Appointment: Contact the Executive Director of CIHQ at 1-866-324-5080 for instructions

Concerns or Complaints Please Call Toll Free 844.523.2091 or
File a Compliance Report at:

For All Other Inquiries Please Fill Out Below